Turn Net 120 into Net 0 (or Net -30)
and focus on growing your business

Leviathan bridges your working capital gap and increases your supply chain visibility

Trade finance to fit your needs

Spend less time worrying about working capital and more time on growing your business.

Flexible terms

Pre-shipment financing, post-shipment financing, or invoice financing -- completely up to you!

Any currency

Get paid in whatever currency you want, at market rates, regardless of the currency of the PO or Invoice.

Fully protected

Data in the Leviathan platform is 100% protected by industry-leading security practices.

IoT-backed visibility

Every Leviathan shipment has an IoT device in it -- See exactly where your shipment is. Any time, anywhere.

Powered by the cloud

All Leviathan data is stored in the cloud and API accessible, so all your systems can talk together seamlessly.

Global coverage

Every bank, every currency. Leviathan works with all major/minor financial institutions so you can work anywhere.

Flexible trade finance and supply chain visibility, powered by IoT

Finance your POs, invoices, or shipments with Leviathan and focus on building your business. Every Leviathan shipment has an IoT device attached to it, so you also can see what's going on with your shipment at any point in time.

Smart Trade Finance

Ideal for growing CPG or apparel companies trying to reduce the cost of working capital.

Leviathan helps accelerate your financial supply chain, so you can focus on your physical supply chain.

We're experts in fast trade financing, and the data we generate even provides additional supply chain visibility and analytics so you can make sure you're moving your goods as fast as possible.

Blistering fast payments

The minute you close your container doors is the minute you have cash in your bank account. And also the minute you get shipment visibility.

Real-time shipment visibility

Increase your customer service level (and decrease your OTIF fees) with visibility you get from a Leviathan-enabled shipment.

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